Children take the fresh air alternative to the school run

Children in Lapworth will soon be able to take a healthier route to school on the Walking Bus.

Thanks to the commitment of parents and the headteacher from Lapworth Church of England Primary School, a fresh air alternative to the school run will soon be available in the mornings.

The Walking Bus will take children and trained parent volunteers from a designated ‘bus stop’ on the outskirts of the village, with an additional ‘stop’ half way along the route, then on to the primary school.

The estimated ten minute walk will give children a chance to socialise with others, gain valuable road safety awareness and get some exercise before school.

Headteacher Colette Hatton said: “We are very pleased to be able to offer the walking bus as a fun, healthy and eco-friendly way for our pupils to travel to school.”

Many schools in Warwickshire have problems with congestion outside their schools at the start and end of each day. The Walking Bus, organised by Warwickshire County Council’s Sustainable Travel Team, is a great way to help tackle school gate congestion and thereby improve road safety around the school site on Station Lane, and in addition, walking in a large group can be great fun for children as well.

The school intends to launch the walking bus after half term and it is hoped that the popularity may mean more children will choose to walk to school rather than being driven and dropped off outside the school gates.