Roman Child’s Coffin found close to Warwickshire border

Archaeologists from Warwickshire are working to recover and study an important Roman lead coffin found in a Leicestershire field close to the Warwickshire border.

The coffin, which probably contains a Roman period child who died in the 3rd or 4th century AD was found by metal detectorist Chris Wright who on recognising its importance immediately called in Leicestershire County Council.


Senior Planning Archaeologist Teresa Hawtin advised Mr Wright that the coffin could not be moved without Ministry of Justice approval and that specialist archaeological procedures would be required.

As the coffin, which has not been opened, was at risk from treasure hunters, Ms Hawtin approached Archaeology Warwickshire on behalf of Mr Wright. Arrangements have now been made for the recovery of the coffin and an assessment of its contents with a view to determining the most appropriate course of action for its study and conservation.

Stuart Palmer from Archaeology Warwickshire, which is part of Warwickshire County Council, confirmed the service had been commissioned saying:

“We are delighted to be able to help with this potentially extremely important find. It will be taken to our offices in Warwick where we can examine it under laboratory conditions to see what it can tell us about aspects of Roman period life, health and of course death.”

More details on this story to follow on the Warwickshire News Site.