Meet the Residents of Safer Street, Warwickshire

When it comes to our family and friends and our local community, we all want to know how to keep those we love safe. Well now you can, thanks to the launch of an innovative new campaign by Warwickshire County Council.

The campaign, which focusses on the lives of fictional characters living in Safer Street, highlights the range of ways Warwickshire County Council is working to keep them safer through raids which remove fake cigarettes from our streets, to reducing fires in the home, protecting residents from rogue traders, reducing road traffic collisions through road safety improvements and education and reducing crime through partnership work with the police.

The latest Warwickshire recorded crime statistics showed that in 2012/13, the total recorded crime was 29,517. In 2013/14 total recorded crime went down to 28,350, a decrease of 4%. Despite this decrease, a recent survey of residents found that the fear of crime in Warwickshire is above the actual level of crime reported.

The Safer Street campaign aims to demonstrate to residents how the council works 24/7 365 days a year to ensure that Warwickshire remains a safe place to live and work. It will also inform residents of the range of things they can do to help keep themselves and their loved ones safer. The characters can be followed on the website, Facebook and Twitter to hear the most up to date news on keeping safe in Warwickshire.

As Cllr John Horner, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety said “This is a really innovative campaign, which will not only highlight the great ways the council works to protect its communities, but it will also demonstrate how important it is for communities to work together and look out for each other, especially when there are vulnerable residents living in the local community. I hope the campaign is a real success and I look forward to seeing the challenges the residents in Safer Street will face.”

Cllr Philip Johnson, Chair of the Council’s Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee added: “The statistics show that the level of crime has reduced in Warwickshire and that we are all working hard to reduce it further still. The Safer Street campaign is a fantastic way to remind residents and businesses of the work the Council is doing to keep them safe. So don’t forget to follow the characters online at