“The Passenger” hits local secondary schools

This hard hitting road safety, theatre in education show will be touring local secondary schools next week.

The performance – part of Warwickshire Road Safety’s Driving Ambitions scheme – is aimed at Year 11 students. Its focus is working with young people to highlight the positive role they can play as passengers in cars.

Using an original witness statement as the starting point, theatre company Box Clever, have written a number of short 20-minute dramatic scenes with input from young people.

The performance will be combined with an interactive workshop and will tour 10 secondary schools in Warwickshire:

Monday 10th October

  • Coleshill School – 9.00
  • Southam College – 13.30

Tuesday 11th October

  • St Thomas Moore School – 9.00
  • Myton School – 13.55

Wednesday 12th October

  • Princethorpe College – 9.40
  • Nicholas Chamberlain School – 13.50

Thursday 13th October

  • Etone School – 9.10
  • Higham Lane School –13.00

Friday 14th October

  • Ash Green School – 9.00
  • Alcester Grammar School – 13.40

Students will watch the performance and during the workshop explore how a journey could be made safer, and how they as passengers are able to influence the outcome of a journey.

Portfolio Holder for Community Safety, Cllr. John Horner from Warwickshire County Council said “looking at road safety issues is a vital part of a secondary school programme. By Year 11 many students are thinking about driving and are regularly passengers in cars driven by older peers.

“Young passengers need to feel confident about speaking up if they feel concerned about their safety. These workshops provide effective strategies for young people to deal with potentially dangerous situations.”

Chair of the Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee Cllr. Philip Johnson: “It’s great to see a programme like Driving Ambitions commissioning innovative ways to educate the county’s younger residents about road safety.

“As young people approach the age where they become drivers – and passengers to their friends – it is essential that we engage with them, and give them the knowledge they need to make journeys as safe as possible.”