Back to School Winter Road Safety Advice

Warwickshire County Council and Safer Roads Partnership in Warwickshire is reminding all road users to take extra care on the roads in the Winter evenings.

Dark_roadWith darker nights and worsening weather conditions, it is increasingly difficult for motorists to see other road users. Pedestrians are being encouraged to think about their presence on the roads and wear high visibility clothing and reflective material and to always use pedestrian crossings where possible. Cyclists should also think about their clothing and ensure their bike is in good working condition and carries front and rear lights.

Parents and children walking to school should be encouraged to consider high visibility clothing and reflective material to supplement what is often dark uniform clothing and bags.

Motorists are being urged to look carefully for other road users with the nights drawing in and to ensure that their vehicle is in a roadworthy condition and basic checks are undertaken to prepare their vehicle for the winter months. Among other things, motorists should check their brakes, tyres, oil, water and antifreeze and check lights are operating and are in good working order. As the weather turns colder ensure your screen wash is topped up and wipers are in good working order. Road salt and spray can obscure a windscreen in seconds.

Cllr John Horner, Warwickshire County Council’s Portfolio Holder for Community Safety, said: “Nationally road casualty rates increase with the arrival of darker nights and worsening weather conditions, these conditions affect all road users but especially children, the elderly, cyclists and motorcycles.”

Cllr Philip Johnson, Chairman of the Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee, added: “It is important that all road users re-assess their journeys and account for the darker evenings. We are advising all motorists to check their vehicles and for pedestrians and cyclists to ensure they are visible to other road users.”

Warwickshire County Council, Public Health is also supporting the campaign. Dr John Linnane, Warwickshire County Council’s Director of Public Health, said: “Warwickshire County Council, Public Health has been working on ‘Healthy Travel Choices’ initiatives and a key part of this work includes encouraging safety on the roads for pedestrians and cyclists. This can include things like visibility and awareness of self on the roads. Healthier travel choices such as walking and cycling are great for physical and mental wellbeing as well as helping to improve air quality. It is vital however, that we encourage people to make these choices safely.”

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