Warwickshire School News: Avon valley students will lead through reading

Twelve Year 9 students from The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College have been selected to be ‘Read to Lead’ mentors as part of the school’s on-going reading programme ‘AVS 50’.

The AVS 50 programme, launched in September 2016, enables and encourages students to read fifty books during their five years at the school. As part of the programme twelve talented readers, who will soon be in Key Stage 4, have been chosen to lead reading with younger students when the new school year begins in September.

The ‘Read to Lead’ students have been selected because of their passion and love of reading. Impressively, one of the students selected has completed the five year ‘AVS 50’ challenge in just one year.

Year 9 student, Cyril Frempong who is a ‘Read to Lead’ mentor, said

“I am looking forward to working with younger students and helping them to move forward with their reading. I enjoy reading myself and want to share this experience with others.”

English teacher, Carolyn Davies, said

“We have chosen twelve readers from Year 9 to drive forward the next stage of our whole school reading challenge – ‘AVS 50’. In September these 12 talented students will be leading a book discussion group with our new Year 7 students, inspiring them to widen their reading choices and develop a deeper understanding of the texts chosen.’

Alison Davies, Headteacher, said

“As a school we are committed to boosting literacy and encouraging all students to read for pleasure. Being able to read, understand, and interpret what has been written is a valuable life skill which unlocks all aspects of the curriculum. Throughout the year it has been wonderful to see students engage with the AVS 50 initiative and enjoy reading.”

You can find out more about Avon Valley School on their Website: http://www.avonvalleyschool.org/

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