Warwickshire School News: Avon Valley celebrates academic excellence

On Thursday 6th July, The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College invited high achieving students, along with their parents and carers, to the school’s annual Awards Evening. The school were also pleased to welcome Greig Trout a double cancer survivor and the founder of website ‘101 Things To Do When You Survive’.

During the successful evening over 100 students were presented with an award recognising their hard work, commitment and academic success. Each faculty within the school nominated two students from each year group to receive a subject award, with just one student receiving the overall award for each subject. In addition, a high achieving student from each house was selected an award. The outstanding students of the year were Grace Nixon – Apollo, Theodroa Enache – Fortune, Campbell McIntosh – Garrick and Frances Lea – Phoenix. Year 10 student Theresa Asante was selected by the school’s headteacher for a special award.

The students, who sat centre stage in front of proud parents, carers and family members, were presented with a medal by Greig Trout, and received a certificate from the school’s Chair of Governors Mr Damon Swindell.

During the evening Greig Trout told the award winning students, and their families, about his experiences and his inspirational around the world journey which included singing at the Syndey Opera House live on Australian TV.

Greig has twice survived cancer, firstly as 7-year-old child with a stage 4 Wilms tumour, and again diagnosed as a 30-year-old with stage 2 bowel cancer. The diagnosis’ ‘rocked his world’ and although he survived, the psychological effects left their mark. Surviving cancer wasn’t the euphoric experience Greig thought it would be as he was consumed by fear and spent much of his time thinking about cancer. This persistent fear which was later diagnosed as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and resulted in insomnia, eczema and severe anxiety.

Greig tried various forms of therapy but nothing seemed to rid him of this constant fear that cancer would return. The break up of his relationship was the last straw. He had become someone who even he didn’t even like anymore and he wanted the old positive and fun loving Greig back.

The following day he stopped taking anti depressants and decided to pursue a life long dream to travel around the world. Greig decided he would try and help others as he travelled, and created a website designed to raise awareness of PTSD, and to show others that there is life after cancer.

Alison Davies, Headteacher commented:

“Our awards evening is all about our students and celebrating their hard work, success and progress and I am certain that their parents and carers who were sat in the audience joined me in feeling immensely proud when celebrating their child’s success.”

Miss Davies, also added:

“We are very grateful to Greig for joining us and sharing his inspirational story which demonstrates that with determination any obstacle can be overcome.”

You can find out more about Avon Valley School on their Website: http://www.avonvalleyschool.org/

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