Fire Service IRMP given full approval

Warwickshire County Council’s Fire Authority has this week formally adopted the Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Services (WFRS) Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) 2017-2020 and Action Plan 2017/18.

The IRMP details how, through effective planning, WFRS considers all fire and rescue service-related risks within the community and aim to respond to them, making the most effective and efficient use of people, resources and equipment. The IRMP sets out the areas of work that WFRS intend to develop over the next three years, with detailed objectives set out within annual Action Plans.

Key objectives in the service’s Integrated Risk Management Plan 2017-20, approved by its governing Fire Authority, include:

• Identify further opportunities to develop collaborative working with other blue light services to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and public safety.

• Review the number, location and resourcing of our fire stations and fire engines.

• Maximise the flexibility and utility of our workforce.

• Develop the use of emerging technology.

• Use our capacity to improve wider community health and social care outcomes.

The IRMP 2017-2020 and Action Plan for 2017/18 received unanimous support from across the political parties, and councillors made clear their recognition of the great work that WFRS do to make Warwickshire a safer place to live and work. They were particularly supportive of the proposals for WFRS to use its capacity to support wider health and social care outcomes and to identify further opportunities to collaborate further with other blue light services.

Though councillors were supportive of the development objectives, they also recognised that WFRS has become a very lean and that they would have to carefully consider the resources necessary to provide an efficient, but safe and effective fire and rescue service over the next three years.

Portfolio Holder for Fire and Community Safety, Councillor Howard Roberts said:

“I am delighted that the IRMP has received the support of full council. The Service has worked hard over the last few years to improve its response standard, increase training, support and leadership for retained firefighters and increase their water rescue capability to flooding and fast flowing water incidents. I now look forward to seeing how the changes approved as part of the IRMP for 2017 – 20 will improve the lives of the residents of Warwickshire.”

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