Choose How You Move – encouraging residents to travel more actively in Coventry and Warwickshire

Warwickshire County Council and Coventry City Council are joining together to launch a new “Choose How You Move” campaign, focusing on small changes we can all think about making to the way we travel, in order to help make a big difference to everyone in Coventry and Warwickshire.

So, will you take up the challenge?

Building physical activity into our daily lives is so important for keeping ourselves healthy, for our mental wellbeing, and can often be much easier than fitting in a trip to the gym. Reducing the trips we make by car can also reduce air pollution, which we know has an important impact on health, particularly for those who already have chronic health conditions. Travelling more actively is good for your health and wellbeing, your pocket and the environment.

Start today and plan part or all of your new journey –

Could you make that trip without the car? Even if for just one day or one trip per week, could you do part of your journey differently – by walking, cycling or using public transport? Have you thought about car sharing? Even thinking about turning off your engine when queuing or at traffic lights can make a big difference in terms of reducing air pollution.

Take the opportunity to see new things you haven’t noticed before, like a nice garden or park; say hello to a neighbour, or take something to read on the bus/train.

For helpful tips on how to travel more actively, watch the first in a series of short videos.

Warwickshire County Councillor Les Caborn, Portfolio Holder for Health says: “We are excited to be working with Coventry City Council to support this campaign, particularly as we know the range of benefits travelling more actively has to our residents and the environment. It can be difficult to fit physical activity into busy lives, so it is a challenge to all of us to think about the opportunities we have to build it into the routine things we do, like travelling to work, or thinking about how we get our children or grand-children to school.”

For more information and to get started with planning your new journey please visit:

We are also keen to hear from you – please tell us your story about how you made a change to travel more actively. We are particularly keen to hear your top tips; tweet @ChooseMoveCW #activetravel.

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