New religious education syllabus agreed for Warwickshire schools

Warwickshire County Council’s Cabinet has approved the implementation of a new Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (RE) in Warwickshire schools from September 2017. It aims to teach school children about the six major faiths (Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism) as well as non-religious life stances.

Primary, secondary and special school teachers from across Warwickshire and Coventry met at one of three events in July for the official launch of, and training on, the new Syllabus. The launch events in Warwickshire were formally opened by Councillor Colin Hayfield, Portfolio Holder for Education and Learning.

Cllr Hayfield said: “RE is relevant to every pupil and citizen of Coventry and Warwickshire, it helps pupils to become literate and articulate about religions and beliefs, helping young people understand more about the faith of people they meet and to be thoughtful members of society.”

“This syllabus provides teachers with new and innovative ideas to enable our children and young people to access challenging and thought-provoking Religious Education. This will enable children to explore their own beliefs, values and traditions as well as those from other backgrounds.”

Schools play a significant role in supporting the community cohesion agenda and promoting British values through the delivery of effective RE. This syllabus supports pupils to explore matters of faith, non-religious views, spirituality, community and peace and reconciliation.

The syllabus and support materials are the result of the dedication and hard work of the members of the Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE), which is a body made up of people who represent all the major faiths in Warwickshire, teachers and the RE Today team.