Cabinet approve the creation of a new collective fuel switching scheme

Energy consumers in Warwickshire have cause to celebrate as County Council Cabinet approves the creation of a new collective fuel switching scheme for Warwickshire residents.

On Thursday 25 January 2018, Warwickshire County Cabinet approved the delivery of a 2-year trial of a collective fuel switching scheme (gas and electricity) for households across Warwickshire in partnership with iChoosr.

A collective fuel switching scheme, is a service whereby people can join a ‘consortium’ of domestic energy buyers. This gives economies of scale and reverse auctions give all licensed suppliers the option to tender to provide the lowest price tariffs for electricity only, dual fuel and pre-payment meters.

Under normal circumstances, switching usually requires some access to the internet, meaning that it is typically more affluent households that do so regularly to take advantage of the cheapest tariffs available. In collective fuel switching schemes, partners can offer support to households wishing to switch but unable to do so easily.

iChoosr has been organising schemes in the UK with councils and other community leaders since 2012. They help all households, but in particular the more than two thirds which remain on the most expensive standard variable tariffs. This means that selecting a new energy supplier does not need to be time consuming and confusing for residents.

Cllr Peter Butlin, Deputy Leader of Warwickshire County Council and Portfolio Holder for Finance and Property, said:

“This is fantastic news for residents in Warwickshire and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to work with partners and other organisations to improve the quality of life for all, particularly some of our more vulnerable residents who worry about the costs of heating their homes.

“We recognise that, for some of our residents, energy supplier switching can be a daunting process which leads many to stick with suppliers and tariffs that are leaving paying far more than they should for their energy. For those residents, this new collective fuel switching scheme should make those problems a thing of the past and switching suppliers and tariffs easier than ever before.”

The 2-year trial of this scheme will begin in May 2018

More information about WarwickshirexSwitch and Save is available here:

Sign up to the scheme here: Warwickshire Switch and Save on Ichoosr