WFRS use prototype to fight fire

On friday evening the crew from Wellesbourne were called to a report of a chimney fire in Lighthorne. On arrival it was confirmed there was a fire in the chimney stack. The crew used a prototype misting tool to extinguish the fire.

The tool has been co-developed by Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service’s development team and consists of a long hose with a misting end connected to the appliance hose reel. Mist is extremely effective at fire suppression and also has the benefit of using much less water and therefore limits any potential damage to the property.

Whilst at the incident, the crew noticed that there were no working smoke alarms. To ensure the residents were kept safe, the crew fitted smoke alarms and provided them with key fire safety advice which included information on chimney fire safety.

Smoke alarms are life savers. They will alert you to a fire long before a fire has had time to develop, remember to have at least one on each level of your house and to test them weekly!

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