Residents reminded to stay safe on Pancake Day

It’s #PancakeDay! We hope everyone has a flippin’ good time, but as more fires start in the kitchen than anywhere else in the home, follow our advice to stay safe.

-Do not leave cooking unattended and avoid children being alone in the kitchen when cooking on the hob

-When using a frying pan or cooking with hot oil, if cooking oil starts to smoke, it’s too hot. Turn off the heat and leave it to cool. If the pan does catch fire, do not move it, turn off the heat if it is safe to do so. Never throw water over it and don’t try to tackle the fire yourself: GET OUT, STAY OUT, CALL 999

-Push the red button to make sure your smoke alarm is working before you start cooking (you should do this at least once a month). Only a working smoke alarm can save your life!