Warwick town centre improvements – Priory Road works update 13 March 2018

The first phase of works around Warwick Town Centre is now complete and Priory Road was re-opened to traffic at the end of February (slightly ahead of schedule) despite the recent spell of bad weather.

The work in Priory Road has seen the widening of the footpath (Priory Park side) to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists, localised footway widening on the opposite side of the road and the resurfacing of footways from Cross Street to Northgate.

A new road surface has been laid and the construction of speed reduction features including a road hump, a raised junction section and speed cushions to complement the recently introduced 20mph speed limits.

Cllr Jeff Clarke, Portfolio Holder for Transport and Planning said “We’re delighted to have completed the first phase of works in Warwick Town Centre. Our aim is to make Warwick Town Centre a safer place for pedestrians and cyclists with improved traffic flows, reduced air pollution, and an enhanced town centre environment”.

In addition to the improvement in Priory Road, work is in progress to provide a new zebra crossing along Cape Road as part of the Safer Routes to School programme.

The next phase of works for Warwick Town Centre will be Northgate Junction. We are currently working up the detailed design for this junction and are looking to consult on this in the summer.

For further information please visit www.warwickshire.gov.uk/warwicktowncentre or Sign up today via the website to receive updates to work going on in the Warwick area.

Thank you to colleagues who work in or pass through Warwick town centre for their patience during these works.