Work starts on Coton Arches improvements

Warwickshire County Council has announced that the contract for improvements to the Coton Arches roundabout has been awarded to Galliford Try Infrastructure Ltd.

The first week will see work on footways with the highway unaffected.  Starting on 3 April, however, a diversion will be put in place closing Edward Street and diverting traffic around the Rowan Ringway, down Queens Street and rejoining Edward Street.

Work on the £3.7m project, which is being funded through a combination of the Government’s Local Growth Fund through the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (CWLEP) and Warwickshire County Council’s Capital Funding, is expected to last for six months.

With plans in the pipeline to develop the town centre, a key component of the local plan is to ease congestion into the town centre. Increasing traffic has meant that the Coton Arches roundabout on the A444 is currently unable to cope with the volume of vehicles and traffic is regularly at a standstill on the A444 during rush hour.

The work will involve signalising the roundabout and providing a connecting road through the roundabout for the A444 southbound movement. The approaches to the roundabout are to be widened to provide additional lane capacity, and walking and cycling facilities will also be improved as part of the scheme.

Cllr Jeff Clarke, portfolio holder for Transport and Planning with Warwickshire County Council, said: “Revitalising Nuneaton’s town centre and making it a vibrant place to live and work is a priority of the county council and our local partners.

“Improving traffic flow at such a key location will greatly improve the experience of travelling in and out of the town centre and make it a much more attractive proposition for anyone looking to live in the town centre or for businesses looking to be based there. We appreciate that there will be some disruption and we ask for commuters’ forbearance while the work is ongoing.”

Jonathan Browning, chair of the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership, said: “One of the key elements of the Local Growth Fund is to improve transport infrastructure and this scheme will help to alleviate congestion and improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists at the Coton Arches roundabout.

“Once the work is completed it will benefit commuters particularly at peak times heading into and out of Nuneaton and will make a big difference to those travelling in this area.”

Further details will be announced on the webpage at