Additional £1.4 million funding for county potholes is put to use

Warwickshire County Council has been tackling the damage to the county’s roads left by the recent snow and severe weather conditions, including Storm Emma and the Beast from the East.

This comes following the Department for Transport’s announcement on 26 March that Warwickshire would receive £1.4 million to supplement the county council’s existing funding for pothole repairs and correct other damage left by the storms.

Each year, around 15,000 potholes are reported and officers are anticipating that the figure for this year will exceed that due to the spell of severe weather, which included snowstorms, hail, rain, strong winds and very low temperatures.

In cold weather conditions such as those experienced in February and March, potholes are both more likely to form and, if pre-existing, more likely to grow. They are formed when water penetrates the surface of a road through cracks that are caused by constant traffic use. When the water freezes, it expands and causes the road surface to rupture.

Councillor Jeff Clarke, Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways, said: “The council has funds for repairing the potholes in our roads but this winter has been particularly destructive and our roads have borne the brunt.

“This additional money from the Government to help us start to repair the damage done is most welcome and we hope residents will soon start to see improvements to their local roads.

“I would encourage people to continue reporting potholes and other road faults by going to or calling the Customer Service Centre on 01926 41 2515.

“I appreciate it can be frustrating when there is a delay in repairing a pothole you have reported, but I would ask everyone to please be patient while we deal first with the potholes that are the biggest danger to the public.”

Since 1 April, over 2,000 potholes have been identified for review throughout the county and are now being processed. If you wish to let WCC know about a pothole or other road fault, please go to to report it.