Warwickshire County Council signs up to Children in Custody Concordant

Warwickshire County Council has signed an agreement with other local authorities to ensure a consistent approach in response to concerns around the detention of children in police custody.

Warwickshire Youth Justice Service (WYJS) became nationally recognised as a centre of excellence for safeguarding young people in custody and avoidance of detention, after academic and noted author on child welfare and criminal justice, Charles Bell featured WYJS in his research and publications. Mr Bell said that WYJS, “may well provide a model of excellence for practice.”

The Children in Custody Concordant recognises that a child’s journey from arrest to court is overseen by a variety of professionals. Each organisation is entrusted with the responsibility, not only to ensure that justice is done and that the public is protected, but also that it is done as humanely as possible and in full accordance with the law.

A range of agencies involved in the criminal justice system contributed to the agreement which sets out clearly the role that each organisation should play to ensure this responsibility is fulfilled.

Currently, 25 of the 43 Police Force areas and 86 councils have signed the concordant.

Cllr Howard Roberts, Portfolio Holder for Fire and Community Safety at Warwickshire County Council said:

“We are fully committed to ensuring children in Warwickshire are safeguarded and we’ve demonstrated ongoing support for Warwickshire Youth Justice Service in achieving best outcomes for children in the criminal justice system. We are delighted to become a signatory to this important agreement.”