Warwickshire Family have a lucky escape!

A Warwickshire family have had a lucky escape after a halogen security lamp smouldered and burnt through the floorboards.

Warwickshire Fire Control received the call at 10.47 pm on Friday evening to inform them that there was a smell of burning coming from the house on Binswood Street in Leamington. Two appliances from Leamington were quickly in attendance and found a halogen lamp which had accidentally switched on and had smouldered on the carpet, before burning a hole in the floorboards in the room next to where two young children were sleeping.

Luckily the neighbour reported the smell of burning and the fire service were able to quickly tackle the fire before it had taken hold. The house is currently having renovation work done and it is thought that a halogen security lamp had been placed on a bedroom carpet. Once night time fell, the security light sensor triggered, turning the light on and caused it to heat and then smoulder.

Talking about the fire, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Services Crew Commander, Andy Bishton “With two children in the next room and no smoke detectors in the house it could have been a tragic story. I would like to commend the neighbour for acting so quickly by reporting the smell of burning. Had we not received the call, the outcome could have been fatal.”

“I would urge all residents to ensure that they have a working smoke alarm on each floor of their home, even when you are undertaking renovations. A smoke alarm is key to giving you the early warning you need to get out of your home safely before a fire takes hold.”

Following the incident, fire service crews conducted a Safe and Well check, fitted a smoke alarm in the home and provided essential fire safety advice to keep them safe while the renovation work was being undertaken.

For more information on staying fire safe or to apply for a free Safe and Well Visit from our crews, log onto www.warwickshire.gov.uk/safeandwellvisit