Making a Positive Impact from the Centenary Business Centre

Of no other business than Positive Impact for Young People CiC could it be more justifiably said that “it does what it says on the tin.”

Set up last year, the not-for-profit social enterprise, based at the Centenary Business Centre, Nuneaton, works with children and young people to encourage them towards constructive career paths.

The objective is to have that positive impact by developing those young people’s skills and resilience to re-engage them with Education, Employment or Training. This is achieved through one-to-one and group work and a range of courses accredited by leading education charity ASDAN and the Princes Trust.

Positive Impact for Young People CiC, operating in connection with schools and local authorities including Warwickshire County Council, does important, hopefully life-changing, work. That’s the sort of responsibility referred only to respected and trusted organisations, so it says much for the credibility of the business that, less than a year after starting up, it is eyeing up expansion – perhaps within the county council-run business centre which enabled this excellent enterprise to take flight.

“The Centenary Business Centre is great for us,” said managing director Craig Sweeney, a youth worker for six years and who recently graduated from Coventry University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Youth Work. “The big thing for us, as a small, not-for-profit business setting up, was that it was affordable. But as well as affordable it provides us with a really good base. The staff couldn’t be more helpful – Lisa and Julie are great.

“We’ve already inquired about whether we might be able to move to a bigger unit within the centre at some point, though that might be difficult because the centre always seems pretty full.”

Now established in their sector, Positive Impact for Young People CiC is looking to grow.

“It was difficult at the start because we were new and, quite rightly, had to establish that essential trust,” said Craig. “But that soon came and now we are operating pretty much at capacity so we need to expand. We are looking to take on at least one apprentice to add to our three full-timers and would love to have some voluntary workers – anyone with a little spare time and a desire to help young people, please get in touch.”

The Centenary Business Centre provides a vibrant home for more than 50 small business of all descriptions and centre manager Lisa Smullen is delighted to have Craig’s team among them.

“I am really pleased that we have been able to give Positive Impact for Young People CiC the base and facilities they need as a start-up,” said Lisa. “The range of business at the centre make up a great, mutually supportive community, as shown by another of them, Parker-Masters, designing the website for Positive Impact for Young People CiC.

” Craig and his team are a valued part of that community. They do a lot of fantastic work with young people in and around Nuneaton.”

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