Fire service issue warning over grass fires

It’s been a busy weekend for our fire control who have dealt with around 100 calls to a range of different incidents. Unfortunately a number of those, 18 in total were to fires in the open in park areas and grassland. Some of these unbelievably, given the moor fires in Bolton have been started deliberately.

If you start a fire in parks or woodland areas with this intense heat, it will spread very quickly. This means that you are not only endangering yourself by setting the fire, but more importantly, you are also risking the lives of our crews and the communities we serve.

We are urging those starting fires to think before they act, the last thing we want is to have a major fire on our hands where lives are at risk, when it could so easily have been prevented. Equally we are sure that you don’t want a criminal record and potentially a prison sentence. Let’s put a stop to arson!

If you spot someone setting a fire, then please call 999 and report it before it gets out of hand.