Warwickshire County Councillors use their grant funding to benefit 309 local causes

On Thursday (8 November 2018), Warwickshire County Council Cabinet received a report detailing all the ways Councillors have been using their allocated Councillor Grants to fund improvements in their local communities for the period 2017/18.

In 2017/18, The Councillors’ Grant Fund provided each of Warwickshire County Council’s 57 Councillors with an allocated fund of £5000 to support small-scale projects within their division from an overall funding pot of £285,000. In previous years this fund has been used to support a wide range of projects from updating community facilities to traffic management improvements on local roads. Groups that have benefited from the fund in the past have included community libraries, scouts, art groups, village halls, community shops, allotment societies, carer support groups and local foodbanks.

In November 2016, as part of Warwickshire County Council’s desire to encourage digital first activity, the Councillor Grant Fund for 2017/18 went online for the first time. This moved the application process from a paper based exercise to a digital web-based experience, encouraging all applicants to apply online.

During the year 2017/18, a total of 309 grants were awarded to organisations, projects and communities across Warwickshire, including:

  • The Refurbishment of Toilet Facilities at Bedworth Heath Community Centre;
  • Access and facilities upgrades for the mobility impaired at Greenmoor Community Allotment;
  • A number of new Defibrillator sites across Warwickshire;
  • A community cinema at Manor Court Baptist Church; and
  • The Lawford Road/Addison Road casualty reduction scheme in Rugby Borough

Monica Fogarty, Warwickshire County Council’s Joint Managing Director, said: “The Councillor grant fund is an integral part of the Council’s commitment to making Warwickshire the best it can be. It is an opportunity for community groups to showcase projects and schemes to elected members and for them to make a contribution that will help these projects to make a difference in their local communities.

“These are meaningful sums of money available in order to strengthen local communities and good causes. Once again our Councillors have been keen to support as many local groups as possible.”

More information about Councillor grants in Warwickshire are available on the Warwickshire Website: https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/grants