Over £500,000 worth of Dangerous and Non-Compliant Products Destined for UK Shops and Markets Seized by Warwickshire Trading Standards

In the past 20 months, Warwickshire Trading Standards has seized dangerous and non-compliant goods with a value of over £500,000.

Trading Standards Officers play a key role in ensuring that unsafe toys, electrics and other consumer products don’t reach shop shelves.

Warwickshire Trading Standards, working on behalf of National Trading Standards has already prevented the importation of thousands of dangerous products including toys and cosmetics containing cancer causing chemicals and electrically unsafe goods. Officers have even seized thousands of teeth whiteners containing high levels of bleach!

Officers are also engaged in projects to check the safety of nursery equipment used for babies and toddlers, test new toys coming on to the market for Christmas, ensure that Halloween and other dressing up costumes meet fire safety standards and visit second hand shops to ensure that goods sold there are safe.

Warwickshire Trading Standards also provides help and advice to Warwickshire retailers, manufacturers and importers, supporting them to comply with the law.

With the advent of the Internet, the world is now a marketplace for both buying and selling goods. Trading Standards Officers play an important role helping to ensure that whether you are buying goods on your local high street or from an internet trader based thousands of miles away, that those items are safe to use.

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