Day 4: Car Crime Crackdown

Warwickshire County Council’s Trading Standards Service receives more consumer complaints about cars and car servicing than anything else, a massive 1440 in the last 20 months.

Trading Standards Officers undertake garage forecourt checks to investigate complaints and advise businesses. Trading Standards Officers also ‘mystery shop’ garages both to check their ability to properly service cars and to purchase vehicles that are then inspected by an expert vehicle examiner to check their roadworthiness.

Investigations carried out by Warwickshire Trading Standards have led in 18 months to the successful prosecution of five car dealers for selling dangerous and unroadworthy vehicles or misleading their customers.

The council wants to help ensure that when a Warwickshire consumer buys a car or gets their car serviced, that they can have confidence that the vehicle will be both safe and roadworthy. Trading Standards use complaints from members of the public to target their work, protecting the interests of all vehicle owners, from budget buyers through to those who pay for costly car servicing.

Trading Standards Officers work with both new and established car traders to help ensure they trade fairly, speaking to or visiting over 70 separate traders in the last 20 months.

Warwickshire Trading Standards has created video guides for both used car buyers and sellers:

Used car buyer guide:

Used car seller guide (use the 03454 040506 to contact Trading Standards):

Top Tips

‘Buying a used car? Buy from an established business and go on recommendation if at all possible #carsafety’

‘Buying a used car? Take someone with you who has vehicle knowledge. Alternatively organise your own independent vehicle inspection #carsafety’