Calls for year-round commitment to tourism

At last week’s Tourism Industry Council, the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Jeremy Wright confirmed that the UK Government will begin negotiations with the tourism sector on an ambitious Industrial Strategy sector deal.

As part of this process, he has called upon the industry to respond with a renewed commitment to promote its offer throughout the year, not just in the peak summer months, and increase high-quality, well-paid jobs. It is expected that the negotiations will lead to a final deal, to be announced in Q1 2019, making the Tourism Sector Deal the 7th deal since the launch of the Industrial Strategy in 2017.

This welcome announcement follows 18 months of industry engagement and consultation and an initial proposal submitted by tourism industry leaders, led by Steve Ridgway, Chair of the British Tourist Authority.

Further information on what is happening in Warwickshire around tourism can be found here.