Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service ask residents to register their appliances

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service (WFRS) is reminding residents to register appliances following attendance at almost 40 fires in the past 12 months caused by a faulty appliance.

Whether you have recently bought a new appliance or have a trusted old one, WFRS is keen to remind local residents to take a few minutes on www.registermyappliance.org.uk and register the large appliances they rely on every day to handle essential chores, chill food and cook for their families. Many manufacturers are also rewarding customers who register appliances by automatically entering them into prize draws.

Station Commander for Prevention Keith McDermott said:

“Registering your appliances is a quick and very important task to make sure that you are made aware of any manufacturer faults or recalls to help prevent fires in your home. Few people realise that you can also register older appliances, so even if you’ve inherited an appliance in a house move or bought second-hand, they can still be registered.

“If a fire were to occur in your home, you should have smoke alarms fitted on each level of your home and make sure you test these regularly to ensure they are working correctly and are able to provide you with an early warning which can aid your escape.”

Warwickshire County Council’s Portfolio Holder for Fire and Community Safety, Andy Crump, added:

“A fire in the home can be completely devastating, by doing something as simple as registering your appliance, you can ensure that you will receive notice if there is a safety recall. It will also ensure that you won’t be taking the risk of using faulty appliances that could be at risk of causing a fire. So whether you’ve bought new appliances in the January sales or have a trusted older appliance, there’s no better time than now to register them online at www.registermyappliance.org.uk and help make their homes safer!”

For more information on staying fire safe in your home, visit https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/firesafety