Council waste bosses are inspired to promote food waste reduction and to encourage volunteering in the waste sector.

Councillors and waste officers from across Warwickshire and beyond met to discuss waste minimisation at a conference held at Shire Hall. The Warwickshire Waste Partnership, which is representatives from Warwickshire County Council, North Warwickshire Borough Council, Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, Rugby Borough Council, Stratford District Council and Warwick District Council, holds an annual conference to discuss all things waste and recycling. This year the agenda focused on national waste strategy, reducing food waste and volunteering in the sector.

The take home message from the food waste session was that families can save up to £70 a month by reducing food waste. By planning meals, checking stocks in the cupboard and fridge and writing a list before shopping, we can make sure we only buy what we need. We can make sure we eat everything we buy by storing food carefully to keep it in the best condition. When cooking, we can measure portions and make good use of leftovers.

Readers can find out more about reducing food waste to save on shopping bills by signing up to the Warwickshire County Council campaign Slim Your Bin:

The audience was inspired by the commitment and enthusiasm of the volunteer speakers:

  • Rubbish Friends described how they are out in force on litter picks across the south of the county every week and working with young people to prevent litter in the first place.
  • The Repair Cafe Leamington described their amazing success at getting the first Repair Cafe in Warwickshire off the ground. This has kickstarted a second Repair Cafe in Southam.
  • Master Composters from Rugby described how they are supporting local people to get composting and make their own soil improver for free whilst reducing waste.
  • Warwickshire’s best performing reuse shop at Lower House Farm in North Warwickshire encouraged the audience to give their pre-loved items the opportunity for a new life with a new owner.

Feedback after the event was resoundingly positive, with the free-from-single-use-plastic catering proving a hit. Delegates came away from the event feeling inspired to share all of the great practice from around the county in recycling more and making less waste. To find out more about reducing waste in Warwickshire follow Warwickshire Recycles on Facebook and Twitter.

Cllr Dave Reilly, Warwickshire County Council portfolio holder for the Environment, Heritage & Culture, said:

“We are very proud of the efforts made by ourselves, our key strategic partners and army of dedicated volunteers across Warwickshire who are decreasing the amount of household waste that is going into landfill. This event was a fantastic opportunity to hear from the schemes delivering real results across the county and plan for future initiatives that will further reduce waste going into landfill.”

More information about waste in Warwickshire is available on the Warwickshire Website: