Reduce the risk of arson in your community!

Arson is the deliberate act of setting fires and can threaten lives and damage property. To raise awareness of this issue across the county, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service are supporting Arson Awareness Week between 18-24 March.

Many deliberate fires include refuse, wheelie bin and grass fires. Tackling these fires takes up a large amount of firefighters’ time and is an ineffective use of our resources, especially when they have life risk incidents to attend.

Talking about the impacts of arson, Warwickshire County Council’s Portfolio Holder for Fire and Community Safety, Andy Crump, commented:

“Deliberate fire setting is an offence. This behavior can threaten lives and damage property, causing devastating impacts across communities.

“The priority of the fire service is to protect the communities they serve and we ask everyone to remain vigilant to suspicious behaviour, reporting anything to Warwickshire Police on their non-emergency number, 101, or dial 999 if it is an emergency.

“For further information to reduce your risk of an arson attack, follow our advice, below”

  • Report abandoned refuse to your local council
  • Look after your wheelie bin. If possible place out on the morning of collection and return to your property as soon as possible after collection
  • If you hire a skip, ensure that it is emptied as soon as it can be to reduce the risk of it becoming a target for arson
  • Do not leave a build-up of rubbish at the front of your property. Get it removed as soon as possible
  • Sheds and garages should be well secured as they often contain tools that can be used to force entry into the home. They also often contain flammable liquids. Don’t leave flammable liquids in the open
  • Raise all incidents of arson, even the small fires, with your local neighbourhood watch members, the police and local fire station personnel

For more information on staying fire safe and reducing the risk of arson in your community, log onto: