Fostering, it’s not about the hello, it’s about the whole journey

A new film which talks about the challenges and rewards of fostering launched this week on 28 March

The five minute film ‘truth be told’, launched in 14 local authorities across the West and East Midlands, including Warwickshire, and looks at the true stories of two sets of children and their foster carers.

The film briefly but honestly captures the highs and lows of fostering. Life with children and young people is always full of challenges, but for those who have been through difficult life situations, the complexities and needs can be even more intense.

The film explores the world of teenager Carl and his carer and two young sisters, Toni and Leah cared for by a same-sex couple. This small snapshot into their lives gives a hint of their history and the reality of being a foster carer. But more importantly it looks at the great connection, personal progress and depth of love that can come when supporting someone through adversity. The fostering story may begin with a hello, but that’s just the beginning of a rich, complex and ultimately rewarding journey.

Councillor Jeff Morgan, Warwickshire County Council Portfolio Holder for Children and Families, said:

“This is a really moving short film. While there are many positives about life with children, it’s not unrealistic to say that it also has its challenges. And when you’re dealing with children who have been through real hardship, trauma or neglect then it can be harder still.

“This film is a great avenue to tell the truth about fostering. The film shows the profound sense of love, hope and the possibility of new beginnings and happy futures that fostering can bring while highlighting the vital role foster carers play in the lives of children.

“There is a real need for more foster carers like those shown in the film, and I would urge anyone who is up for the challenge to get in touch today.”

Click here to view the film

This is the third film that the collective fostering services have produced to promote fostering and find new carers. While it features actors, the stories are those of real foster carers.

The film launched at the Odeon, Dudley on Thursday 28 March with invited guests, specialist speakers and foster carers talking about their experiences.

For further information about fostering in Warwickshire, visit or call 0800 4081556