Support for carers fostering for Warwickshire

Fostering with Warwickshire County Council provides you with the opportunity to access additional support through a dedicated peer network, Warwickshire Foster Carer Association (WFCA).

Fostering is a great opportunity to help children and young people throughout Warwickshire by providing them with support and stability to help them grow and develop. Fostering can come with many and varied challenges, but as a foster carer, you are not going through these challenges alone.

Foster carers receive dedicated support when fostering with Warwickshire County Council from social workers and support workers. In addition to this, WCC foster carers also have access to peer support from fellow foster carers who have gone through similar experiences and this support is invaluable. WCC work closely with our WFCA members to create an enthusiastic, committed and strong foster carer support network.

The support of the WFCA is important to foster carers and the young people, providing an opportunity to meet with other foster families. The WFCA offer a helpline to access support via telephone, a messaging service or email. They also organise various events for foster carers and their families, including the recent trip to Cadbury World.

Talking about the trip to Cadbury World, WFCA chairperson, Kyla Eason said:

“WFCA is an organisation set up to provide support to approved Warwickshire County Council foster carers and their families.

“Creating a network of support is important for the foster carers and young people, knowing that there are regular events where you can attend and meet other foster carers and fostering families. WFCA organise a range of events and meetings, including regular coffee mornings for fostering families. These events allow people the opportunity to meet informally and generate a community of support.

“The recent trip to Cadbury World was a great success, it was great to meet so many foster carers and young people, ranging from babies to 18 years old, there was something for everyone. It was a lovely way for fostering families to spend a day together.”

Councillor Morgan, portfolio holder for Children’s Services added:

“Our Warwickshire foster carers provide invaluable support for the children of Warwickshire.

“Fostering provides you with the opportunity to support children in all sorts of ways and allows you to make a difference to each child’s life.

“Each fostering placement is unique to the fostering family, and the WFCA which is a great resource for Warwickshire County Council foster carers to meet other families, experience the benefits of a close network and attend regular, local events along with other fostering families.”

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