Warwickshire pupils the first in the UK to benefit from augmented reality road safety app

Warwickshire County Council’s Road Safety Team has been chosen by Road Safety GB to test an augmented reality road safety app which brings road safety lessons to life for school children in the region.

County Council Road Safety officer, Kate Castle will be testing the ‘Arility’ app with pupils aged 7 – 10 at Westgate Primary School, Warwick on Wednesday 26 June at 10am. The app will then be rolled out nationally on 1 July.

‘Arility’ layers virtual objects over real world settings to deliver engaging travel and road safety information to primary school aged children. With 360 degree visuals and entertaining sound effects, children interact directly with augmented reality characters to identify risks and learn to make safe choices. The app, which incorporates pre and post evaluation, addresses specific road safety risks for child cyclists and pedestrians and teaches children to identify dangers and make safe choices.

Arility has already been in use in primary schools across Australia. Arility has been customised to incorporate UK road rules, streetscapes and typical travel scenarios and will be available on iPad and Android platforms.

Cllr Jeff Clarke, Warwickshire County Council Portfolio Holder for Transport & Planning says:

“We put children at the heart of all we do and we are committed to doing the very best to protect them. We are proud Warwickshire has been selected as the first region to use this cutting edge technology, which gives young children the chance to learn from various risky scenarios while sitting safely in the classroom. The resource will be made available to all Road Safety GB member schools in Warwickshire from September – thereby potentially giving thousands of children in the region the opportunity to engage with this new learning experience.”

Alan Kennedy, executive director of Road Safety GB, says:

“The resource will be made available to every primary and junior school in the UK and therefore millions of children will have the opportunity to be involved in this new learning experience.”Mr Kennedy said in a packed curriculum, teachers will welcome this new tool to aid learning.

“Road Safety teams in local government offices across the UK will present Arility to children in their local schools, opening up many future opportunities to work with teachers and young children and enhancing child road safety across the UK.”

Arility’s introduction in the UK is a result of a partnership between Road Safety GB, Western Australia’s Constable Care Child Safety Foundation and the IT company DSBS.