High Court fines illegal waste operators in Nuneaton

Two waste operators, Mr Paul Canner and his son Mr Joshua Canner, were fined £1,000 each, as well as being ordered to pay the Council’s legal costs, for not clearing an illegal waste site near Pool Road, Nuneaton following court orders.  Their activity had caused considerable disturbance to nearby residents and businesses by bringing waste to the site.

In June 2018, Warwickshire County Council issued an Enforcement Notice demanding the removal of waste from the land, as well as the removal of an extension to the land and that the occupiers reinstate the planting on the bank of the watercourse.

Both operators failed to comply with the Enforcement Notice leading the County Council to obtain a High Court Order in February 2019. When the operators failed to comply with the Court Order the Council were forced to go back to the High Court in July 2019. At the court hearing the judge fined both operators and also ordered them to pay the Council’s legal costs.

The operators have subsequently stopped using the site which has now been cleared and restored to its existing state.