Keeping each other safe this summer

Warwickshire County Council is reminding residents this summer that we all have a duty not only to keep ourselves safe but to look out for the people around us and in our community. Individuals often have more power than they might think to reach out and help somebody else to find support.

From child safety to heatwave help to being aware of others on the roads, throughout August WCC will be talking to residents about the different ways we can help to keep the people around us safe.

With good weather making an appearance and summertime in full swing, it’s important to be aware of the health risks that can be associated with heat. Residents are urged to cover up, stay hydrated, seek shade and wear light clothing.

Parents are also asked to remind children to be careful when they’re playing and keep an eye on them around garden tools or near open windows. The Child Accident Prevention Trust have reported that nationally one child under five is admitted to hospital every day due to a fall from a window or balcony resulting in the need for specialist hospital care for significant head injuries. CAPT recommend fitting window catches, locks or restrictors to stop your windows opening too wide.

Fire safety is an important consideration during the summer period. Barbecues must always be fully extinguished after use and campfires restricted to designated areas only. The summer holidays and looking after children can be a great opportunity to do some baking and teach safety in the kitchen, however, children can also provide an additional distraction when cooking. Last year, of the house fires attended by Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service, over 50% started in the kitchen. It’s important to keep fire safety tips in mind – for more information visit

While the weather’s nice, it’s a great time to try out an alternative form of transport to the car – walking or cycling to work can be great in the sunshine. It’s also a good time to start thinking about the journey to school in September. Will your child be walking or cycling there? You can use our Choose How You Move journey planner to help plan the safest route to take, or find general road safety tips by going to

Councillor Les Caborn, portfolio holder for Adult Social Care & Health said: “Summer is the favourite time of year for many Warwickshire residents who look forward to enjoying our beautiful county in the sunshine – but that doesn’t mean we should become complacent about the risks associated with the heat.

“It’s important during the summer period that we all take extra steps to keep ourselves and the people around us safe, by raising awareness of potential hazards and keeping an eye out for others.”

So help yourself and others to stay safe and be aware this summer!