Free cricket coaching proves success for youngsters in Bedworth

Children from across Bedworth have been awarded a week’s free cricket coaching through Warwickshire County Council’s Councillor Grant fund.

The fund, which is open for applications from voluntary and community groups across the county, is allocated by County Councillors themselves to each county councillor for projects within their own wards, which will benefit their own communities. Each councillor has access to a £6,000 pot of cash.

Now in its fourth consecutive year, the coaching has proved very successful and this year was no exception.

Taking place at Bedworth Sports Club (located in Miners Welfare Park), the popular event saw approximately 125 children attending across the week. A mix of age ranges from 6 to 14 years attended and this year in particular, saw a 40 per cent increase of young girls attending for the first time since the event began.

Local ward member for Bede, Cllr Richard Chattaway said:

“This year’s event has proved a huge success once again. What is encouraging is the amount of parents who are staying to watch their children is growing, which I think opens up future sporting opportunities. The success of these community sessions is very much down to the team at Bedworth Sports Club.”

Many of the coaches who ranged in ages and experience, from 15 to 70 years of age, offered their time for free. The coaches’ help and assistance has already seen some credible results, including excellent retention rates of young people staying engaged with cricket and going onto winter camps.

More information about Cllr Grants is available on the Warwickshire Website at