Warwickshire school caterers, Educaterers, short-listed for two more national awards

A school catering company based in Warwickshire is having a very rewarding year, as it continues to receive recognition from the UK national catering industry for its achievements.

Following an award-winning 2019 so far, Educaterers, who have their HQ in Warwick, have now been short-listed for the national Educatering Excellence Awards, which recognise outstanding individuals and organisations that have excelled in the school meals sector – the ‘stars’ of the school catering industry.

The Local Authority Traded Company, which launched in September 2017, taking over the delivery of school meals from Warwickshire County Caterers, will find out on Tuesday 8th October whether it has won in two award categories, the first being Local Authority of the Year, where it is up against Lancashire and Oxfordshire County Councils, and the second being Innovation.

The Innovation Award short-listing is in recognition of an innovative Culinary Skills training programme for new and existing employees which has been developed by skilled chef and Assistant Development Manager for Educaterers, Julie Murray.

The Culinary Skills programme, which is run at Educaterers’ Centre of Excellence at Boughton Leigh Junior School in Rugby, upskills and refreshes employees’ knowledge, giving Educaterers staff the skills they need to take new ideas, flair and creativity back to their school dining rooms.

Educaterers have been no strangers to winning awards this year. In July, the company brought the Lead Association for Catering in Education (LACA) ‘Business of the Year’ Award home to Warwickshire, in recognition of the outstanding contribution they have made to catering for schools in the local area.

In March, Tanya Malone, Site Catering Manager for Educaterers at Rugby Free School, appeared on The One Show after winning the title of LACA West Midlands ‘School Chef of the Year’ for two years running.

Terry Tredget, Director of Educaterers, said: “Our shortlisting for the Educatering Excellence Awards is further welcome recognition from the school catering industry that Educaterers is pushing boundaries when it comes to growing our people, growing our business and developing innovative products and services.

“We have some very discerning customers – the pupils we provide more than 120,000 school meals to every week at over 200 schools in Warwickshire, Birmingham and Oxfordshire – so we need to make sure that the food we provide is delicious, healthy and nutritious to everyone we serve.

“We’re up against some tough competition but we’re staying positive for the Awards announcement in London on 8th October. I really hope our staff get the recognition they deserve, especially Julie Murray for developing our Culinary Skills programme and all our employees who have trained on the programme so far.”

For more information on Educaterers, visit www.educaterers.co.uk