Quit smoking for you and your family

Stoptober is back for its eighth year and encourages smokers to give up smoking for 28 days. The campaign is based on research that smokers who make it to 28 days smoke free are five times more likely to quit for good and since launching in 2012, has driven over 1.9 million quit attempts.

Warwickshire County Council is encouraging families and pregnant women to review their smoking habits and look to quit smoking throughout October.

For anyone who is pregnant, stopping smoking completely is one of the best things you can do for your baby to give them a healthy start in life. If you smoke during your pregnancy it deprives your baby of oxygen and damages the placenta, which restricts your babies oxygen. This can increase the risks of miscarriage, underdeveloped and weaker babies and still birth as well as many other complications during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

In Warwickshire, there is a specialist team of experienced Stop Smoking in Pregnancy advisors who provide a friendly, confidential service to help pregnant smokers and their families stop smoking.

It’s also important for other members of the family to quit smoking, second hand smoke still contains many chemicals that are harmful to the unborn baby or other household members. Children are particularly sensitive to tobacco smoke as their lungs are smaller and more delicate, and those who live with people who smoke have higher rates of asthma than children living with people who do not smoke. Children who grow up in a household of smokers are also likely to become smokers themselves.

Councillor Les Caborn, portfolio holder for adult social care and health, said:

“If you’ve been thinking about quitting smoking, Stoptober is a great time to make that change and quit smoking for 28 day, and maybe even longer.

“Smoking impacts not only your own health but also those around you through second-hand smoke and is linked to many diseases and health problems. There are services online and across Warwickshire to support you on your quit smoking journey, so why not give it a go today?”

Quit smoking services are available online through https://www.nhs.uk/oneyou/for-your-body/quit-smoking/stoptober/

You can find local face to face support throughout Warwickshire by visiting: https://quit4good.warwickshire.gov.uk/find-your-local-stop-smoking-branch/

For pregnant women, you can be referred by your midwife or visit the website especially for pregnant women on: www.quit4baby.co.uk