If you’re going out to scare, know what to wear!

As Halloween approaches you may be planning on going trick-or-treating, attending a costume party, carving pumpkins or telling scary stories, but this Halloween make sure you scare safely!

Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards and Fire and Rescue Service (WFRS) are supporting the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) national Halloween safety campaign.

Halloween is often associated with burning candles so to protect children Trading Standards Officers and WFRS are asking parents to swap candles for safer LED lights and to only buy Halloween costumes from legitimate sources selling products that meet safety standards.

Warwickshire County Councillor Andy Crump, Portfolio Holder for Fire and Community Safety said: “At Halloween the dangers of costumes catching fire is often at its greatest with the use of candles to light pumpkins. This year, make sure you follow our Halloween Safety Code:

Always buy costumes from legitimate sources and check them for a CE mark, instructions and safety information

Very few items of clothing are completely flame retardant. Flames should not be used around children or costumes, use LED lights instead.

Avoid purchasing fake products and don’t make home made costumes from materials that burn easily such as black plastic bin bags.

See that the costume fits properly to avoid trips and falls and ensure that any masks or hoods don’t stop the child from seeing or breathing

“Taking on board our safety advice could mean the difference between a happy Halloween or one of real horror. So please don’t take the risk!”

For more information, please visit: www.gov.uk/government/news/if-youre-going-out-to-scare-know-what-to-wear

If you have a concern about the safety of a product you have purchased, please phone the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0345 404 0506.