Rugby residents reminded that cars and kids don’t mix

Warwickshire County Council’s Road Safety Education Team are working in partnership with Rugby Safer Neighbourhood Teams to promote the ‘Cars and Kids Don’t Mix’ campaign.

This campaign encourages parents and other adults – such as grandparents and carers – to think about how and where they park outside schools and to take responsibility for helping to keep their children safe.

Road Safety Education Team and Safer Neighbourhood Teams are working together to ensure this message reaches parents through a combination of education and enforcement.

Throughout January, nine schools in Rugby successfully launched this campaign, with each school receiving a large, bright ‘Cars and Kids’ banner for their schools’ railings, leaflets for parents with useful advice and a joint visit from the Road Safety Officer and Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Cllr Andy Crump, Warwickshire County Council Portfolio Holder – Fire & Rescue and Community Safety, said:

“The ‘Cars and Kids’ campaign has been available to schools for a number of years; however, this recent focus has provided opportunities to work in partnership and ensure a collaborative approach to keeping our children safe”

PC Paula Ketley, Warwickshire Police, said of the scheme:

“Warwickshire Police and partners are working with schools in Rugby to deliver a mixture of enforcement and educational initiatives all designed to urge parents and motorists to slow down, obey speed limits and park safely around our schools. As part of this Safer Neighbourhood Teams are running a ‘safe parking poster’ competition and showing pupils how to operate the speed camera and to leaflet drop vehicles parked inconsiderately. We have also been conducted roadside speed checks around schools as it is of great concern that nationally 49% of speeding offences were committed in areas with designated 30mph speed limits potentially putting the lives of pedestrians including children at risk. “

This campaign forms part of the Warwickshire Road Safety Team educational programme and is available for all Warwickshire schools free of charge. For further information please contact .

More information about road safety in Warwickshire is available on the Warwickshire Website: