Young people discover how to access careers opportunities at Nuneaton Library

Young people from Nuneaton, not currently in education, employment or training (NEET), recently saw how Warwickshire County Council’s new Careers Strategy could help them enter the world of work.

At an event designed to demonstrate how the Council’s Careers Strategy works in action, young people found out how the ‘Let’s Make’ space at Nuneaton Library can help them find the right jobs and training opportunities.

Also attending the event was Cllr Colin Hayfield, Warwickshire County Council’s Portfolio Holder for Education and Learning, and Ian Budd, Warwickshire County Council’s Assistant Director of Education and Learning.

The young people who attend the PET-Xi Skills Hub in Nuneaton, were shown around the Let’s Make range of inspiring activities which include: robotics, coding and programming, 3D design and printing, animation and film making, sewing, embroidery and crafting, together with music creation and soundscapes.

They tried their hands at virtual and augmented reality and created fabulous photos using green screen technology.

The County Council’s Careers Strategy reflects the Council’s commitment to ensuring that all residents, whatever their age, or abilities, are supported in fulfilling their potential. Libraries can play a key role in this, helping people find the right support, training and opportunities in their search for employment.

Vicky, aged 25 from Nuneaton, said: “I’ve not been here before, but I really like it. It allows you to dip your toe in the water and try out new things such as the green screen technology, 3D printing and virtual reality, without buying the kit yourself! It gives you inspiration of what can be achieved. I’ll definitely come back!”

Cllr Colin Hayfield, County Council Portfolio Holder for Education and Learning said: “It’s been wonderful to meet some of our young people and see how the Let’s Make space at Nuneaton Library can have such a positive impact. All libraries can offer vital support and can signpost people looking for job opportunities.

“But the Let’s Make services and resources based in three Warwickshire libraries add an extra dimension. They offer access to the latest digital technologies and equipment allowing people to develop their knowledge and expertise and make things in different ways, offering new digital learning opportunities.

“We are committed to ensuring that all our young people have access to the information and training opportunities they need to flourish. Our Careers Strategy focuses not only on supporting our young people as they prepare for employment, but it also recognises that we have an adult population who may want to re-enter the workplace, change careers, or progress at work during their working life. We are placing a significant focus on supporting our more vulnerable residents, such as those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to move into employment. We also give special consideration to residents with mental health needs and the resources available to support them in the workplace.”

One of the Careers Strategy’s key benefits is providing a wide range of supporting information and advice in one place. New web pages on the County Council’s website contain all the information needed for anyone wishing to find out how they can progress. Whether they are a young person; a parent; an adult looking to retrain; a care leaver; or a business planning to recruit or develop its existing workforce – they will be directed to the relevant information and support available.

This includes information about Prospects who can provide careers advice and guidance to young people aged 16-18 and not in employment, education or training. Prospects can also help young people find training and support to find a job or get back into education.

For more information about the new Careers Strategy visit the new web pages:

For more information about Let’s Make visit: