Warwickshire County Council updates parking guidance

Following government guidance, Warwickshire County Council has scaled back parking enforcement to concentrate exclusively on dangerous or obstructive parking.
Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) are continuing to patrol, while following government guidance on social distancing but will only take enforcement action against badly parked vehicles which prevent access for emergency services and other critical support teams.

The Council is also working with the emergency services to focus patrols around key areas such as hospitals, ambulance and fire stations, while maintaining a presence in towns and residential areas to help motorists find a safe place to park. It is recognised that home-working may be placing an additional strain on parking.
To help further, we will be suspending on-street charges for Key Workers, including NHS staff. This is intended to recognise the significance of Key Workers’ contribution to keeping us all safe and well.

Previously we asked Key Workers to display a form of notification identifying yourself as such in your car.

Following guidance from NHS England and notification of incidents where NHS workers and their vehicles have been targeted, we no longer require this identification.

We will continue to rely on members of the public not to abuse this approach.

While suspending parking charges, Warwickshire County Council has been made aware of a rise in traffic on roads, contrary to Government guidelines on only making necessary journeys. Before making any journeys by car, people are urged to consider whether the journey is essential. Police patrols are stopping vehicles and enforcing Government guidelines on unnecessary journeys.

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service stressed the importance of people thinking twice before parking in areas where they shouldn’t be or double parking in narrow streets highlighting the problem when fire engines have to spend additional minutes trying to drive around other vehicles.

It is important to emphasise that the role of the CEO is one of advice and guidance. They will, wherever possible, provide information about where parking may safely take place. Their approach, currently, is not one of routine enforcement. Now more than ever, we expect our CEOs to be treated with respect and courtesy as they provide this useful public service at this difficult time.

For additional information on parking, please visit our website here: Covid-19 parking information