Warwickshire firefighters pay tribute to our NHS heroes

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service is set to fly a “NHS – we thank you” flag from each of its 17 fire stations from 8pm on Thursday 16 April in tribute to our NHS heroes, working tirelessly to save lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

The flags were at the request of our fire crews who wanted some way to acknowledge the amazing work of all those going above and beyond to help keep our communities safer during the pandemic.

Like many people, a number of our firefighters have wives, husbands, partners, parents, children, family members and friends who work in the NHS and they wanted them to see the flags on their way to work or even on their way home from a difficult shift, so they can see that people are thinking of them and are grateful for the sacrifices they are having to make.

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Services Chief Fire Officer, Kieran Amos said:

“We all know that our NHS staff are doing an incredible job working around the clock to care for patients of Covid19 in addition to other patients, which is why we wanted to show our support in a more visual way for those who may be walking or driving past our fire stations on their way to or from work. We also wanted to echo the thanks coming from our local communities to acknowledge all those working in the NHS and our care services by saying a massive thank you.

“The flags will be flying high for the next few weeks and we hope that all those who see them will think of the commitment our NHS colleagues and carers across the country are making to help to save lives. In return, all we ask is that people play their part and stay home to help reduce the spread of the virus, so that we can once again see all those that we have missed so much during this time.”

As well as flying the flags high, our stations will also be supporting tonight’s #ClapfortheNHS along with their local communities to further show their appreciation and support for their NHS colleagues.