Schools get Eggcited over Easter egg delivery

Several schools from across the county have been given Easter eggs thanks to generous donations made to George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton. 

The hospital gratefully received a number of donations of eggs over Easter and rather than eat them all, they wanted to make best use of the eggs. So they asked for help from their fire service colleagues, who funnily enough they knew just what to do with them, and no it wasn’t to eat them all, although they were tempted. 😊

Members of the Fire Prevention Team nominated schools across Warwickshire, where key workers children were still attending. They then drafted up a special activity for the children to make Rice Crispy cakes using the chocolate eggs.

All of the eggs have now been delivered to the allocated schools, along with the ingredients to make the cakes as a fun activity for the children to enjoy. Ten schools have received the eggs and activity to take part in. These include:

• Briars hill school
• Shrubland School
• Oakwood Special School
• Nerthrsole School
• Coleshill c of e School
• Henley in Arden Infant School
• Nathaniel Newton School
• Wellesbourne Primary School
• Arley Primary School
• Hillmorton Primary School

We would like to say a huge thank you to George Eliot Hospital for donating the Easter eggs and can’t wait to see what the children create. Happy cake making all!