Firefighters fight fire and look after stroke patient

At 13.22 crews from Henley and Stratford were called to an automatic fire alarm in a sheltered housing complex.

On arrival they found one of the apartments heavily smoked logged. The smoke was caused by a plastic kettle which had been left on top of a hob and was smouldering.The resident had accidentally turned the wrong ring on the hob on and didn’t know the kettle was on top on it .

This could have been a very serious incident had there not been a smoke alarm in the home to give the resident and others, the early warning they needed to call 999.

Once the cause of the fire was known, the crew removed the smoldering kettle and used the PPV fan to clear the smoke logged apartment.

Please do not leave or place anything on top of your hob including kettles, tea towels or kitchen roll. Make sure it’s clear and clean at all times to ensure that the risk of a fire happening and spreading further, is significantly reduced.

Whilst at the incident, the crew not only dealt with the fire, but they also witnessed one of the residents having a stroke. Quickly recognising the symptoms, the crew stepped into action to look after the resident until the paramedics arrived.