Road Traffic Collision near Stockton, Southam

At 22:00 hours this evening an emergency 999 call was made reporting a road traffic collision on the A426 near the Boat public house outside Southam. Two fire appliances were mobilised, one from Southam and one from Rugby. The crew from Southam were in attendance within 8 minutes of the emergency call being placed and confirmed that two vehicles had been involved in a crash. The Police and Ambulance service were also at the incident and the crew from Rugby followed shortly after. Both vehicles were found off the road and a total of 3 persons were trapped. Specialist cutting equipment, winch, additional lighting and small tools were used to release the casualties. A message was received at 22:27 hours stating that 2 of the casualties had been released and were in the care of the ambulance service. At 22:39 hours the third casualty had been released and was also in the care of the ambulance service. Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service crews remain on scene assisting the police.

Road Traffic Collision – Banbury Road, Stratford Upon Avon

Fire crews were alerted to a RTC on the banbury Road, Stratford at 0550 hrs on Tuesday 15th April 2014. 1 fire engine from Stratford and 1 from Wellesbourne were mobilised. An informative message received at 0608 hrs confirmed 1 car off road into ditch with 1 person medically trapped, Police and Ambulance are both in attendance also, crews are using small tools to release patient. A stop message was received at 0612 hrs with 1 person in the care of the Ambulance service, all appliances had returned to station by 0642 hrs.

Fire in the open, The Heath,Leicester Road, Wolvey

Warwickshire fire service control  received a call to a fire in the open Leicester Road, Wolvey at 11:24am and mobilised one fire engine from Nuneaton . Fire involved hedgerow and was extinguished using a hose reel, the stop message indicating incident was under control was received at 11:46am, crews estimated being detained a further 90mins

House Fire, Scott Road, Leamington Spa

Three fire engines have dealt with a house fire this evening which caught fire after the caravan which was parked on the house driveway, caught light.  Fire crews rescued two cats and a rabbit from the property following several emergency calls received at 1750 hours.  The occupants were uninjured and had assistance from the Red Cross Fire Emergency Support Service.

Car Fire – Bedworth

At 02:10 hours earlier this morning, two 999 calls were made reporting a car fire on Newdigate Road in Bedworth. An appliance from Bedworth was mobilised. Crews arrived at the incident and confirmed a car was alight on the road. Fire-fighters wearing breathing apparatus used water supplied from a hose reel jet to extinguish the fire.

Road Traffic Collision, Priory Terrace, Leamington Spa

Two fire crews from Leamington Spa assisted the Police and Ambulance at a two car collision in Priory Terrace near the Post Office this evening at 22.41 hours.  One male person was medically trapped inside his car and fire crews used specialist cutting equipment to release him.

Fire in light fitting, Livery Street, Leamington Spa

Warwickshire fire control received a call to a light fitting on fire in Livery street, leamington Spa at 10:06am and mobilised two fire engines from leamington, an informative message received at 10:17am indicated the fire was located in light fitting and was being extinguised using a CO2 extinguisher, crews estimated being detained at the incident for 30mins. the stop message indicating fire was under control was received at 10:29am