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Warwickshire is strong for Digital Media. The local area hosts a globally significant gaming cluster and is one of the largest gaming clusters in the UK after London and Dundee. The area employs about 10% of the UK total of those involved in game development.

Silicon Spa lies at the heart of the local gaming industry, and covers an area in and around the dynamic town of Royal Leamington Spa. Uniquely in this sector, 75% of the digital media companies here are gaming companies, where a more typical share would be 5-10%. With global names many of which located within a three kilometre radius, there really is nowhere else in the world quite like it.

Why Warwickshire?

The local area can call upon a uniquely skilled talent pool, drawn here by the presence of key industry names including Codemasters and Freestyle Games, as well as the quality of life in Royal Leamington Spa and its central location, with Birmingham just 40 minutes by train to the north and London in as little as 70 minutes by train to the south.

The area is also close to Coventry University’s Serious Games Institute and the University of Warwick’s International Institute for Product and Service Innovation (IIPSI).


“People move here for their career. It’s a bit like Silicon Valley in America for computers. We call the area Silicon Spa because of all the games companies.”

(David Darling, founder of Codemasters now with Kwalee)

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Silicon Spa Companies



Aloha Games

Arch Creatives

Bearcat Games

2P Games

Codemasters Ltd


Evil Droid

Exient (Leamington Spa)

Fish in a bottle

Fluid Games

Flump Studios

Full Fat Games

FreeStyle Games

Hardlight (Sega)



Lumo Developments

Mad Fellows

Micro Macro


Modern Dream

Monster and Monster


Pixel Blast

Pixel Toys

Playground Games

Radiant Worlds

Red Phantom Games

Projector Games

Small Impact

Supersonic Software

Team Popo




Develop Magazine Features Leamington Silicon Spa:


Develop Magazine Features Leamington Silicon Spa Aug-Sep 2013

Develop Magazine features the Midlands and Leamington ‘Silicon’ Spa


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Warwickshire & Coventry

Engine Room Games

Evil27 Games



Serious Games International

Totem Learning


(link to Leamington Courier newspaper article about ‘Silicon Spa’ on Kwalee website)

Impact Magazine (Feb 2013)

Silicon Spa Impact Magazine


World Class Research & Training

Serious Games Institute

Serious Games Studio

University of Warwick IIPSI

Warwickshire College Foundation Degree Games Art

Coventry University Games Technology BSc (Hons)

MSc in Digital Games and Business Innovation (Coventry University)

The University of Warwick Computer Science

The Institute of Creative Enterprise (ICE)

Arch Creatives


Games Festivals

Backspace October 25th – November 2nd