ITS and Mobility

Warwickshire and the sub-region are at the forefront of the developing Intelligent Transport Systems sector, also known as Telematics, Infotainment or Mobility.

The firms in this sector are adapting technologies from elsewhere for application in designing transport networks as systems of the future. From remotely operated vehicles to developments with ipad applications and diagnostics, Warwickshire has a global presence in this sector with world class research.

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Firms located here or in the wider sub-region include:

  • MIRA
  • InnovITS Advance
  • Warwick Manufacturing Group
  • Coventry University
  • Ricardo
  • Embed Ltd
  • Warwick Control Technologies
  • Denso ITS
  • Volvo IT
  • RDM Telematics
  • Ricardo
  • Delphi