New traffic control scheme for Hams Hall

Road works have started on the Hams Hall industrial estate to implement a unique traffic control system.

The innovative scheme is being implemented in association with the Gating Order made to replace the existing High Court Injunction that was made to stop illegal activities occurring in Hams Hall and the surrounding areas.

Works started on Faraday Avenue on 27 August 2013 and will run for eight weeks. The gating system consists of traffic signals, automatic barriers, CCTV cameras, electronic road signs, a reduced speed limit of 40mph and ANPR cameras.

The system will only be operational if a perceived problem occurs; otherwise the road will be open as normal.

The scheme, which has been designed by Warwickshire County Council, is being funded by the Hams Hall BID company.  The local businesses have worked with officers from Warwickshire County Council, local county councillors, Dan Byles MP and Warwickshire Police to provide a permanent solution to deter unwanted road races.

Cllr Joan Lea, county councillor for Water Orton said:  “I am pleased that the hard work of all involved has brought about such an innovative solution to this problem.  It is a wonderful example of local agencies, the local MP and businesses coming together to make an area safer and free from harm for other road users in North Warwickshire.”

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