A world of music at your fingertips

Warwickshire County Council Library Service gives classical music fans access to a huge selection of symphonies, sonatas and concertos, as well as information about their composers, thanks to two online music resources, available through Warwickshire libraries.

Grove Music Online is the leading online resource for music research. Users have access to over 60,000 articles, written by 6,000 music scholars on composers, the history behind famous compositions, musical terms and movements.

Through Naxos Music Library Warwickshire library users can stream their favourite classical music directly to their computer, all they need to do is login using their library card. Alternatively if they have a smartphone they can download the Naxos app and listen on the move.

Listeners can access over 2 million tracks, everyone from Mozart, to Chopin, to Beethoven. If classical music isn’t your thing, Naxos also includes six further genres including jazz, blues, world and Chinese music, with more being added at a rate of 500 CDs a month.

You will find both Naxos and Grove Music Online at http://warwickshire.gov.uk/referenceandlearning under the Film, TV Music and Arts section.

In order to access these two fantastic resources all you need is a current Warwickshire library card which you can get by joining the Warwickshire library network. Signing up is free and can be done online – http://warwickshire.gov.uk/jointhelibrary.