Warwickshire County Council to reward Bin Slimming residents for another year

Warwickshire County Council has extended their contract with Local Green Points to deliver the popular ‘Slim Your Bin’ campaign for another twelve months.

The Slim Your Bin campaign launched in November 2016 to Warwickshire’s five Districts and Boroughs to reward local recycling champions for reducing their waste and recycling more. Since its launch, over 560 residents have signed up and the campaign has received an ICiPS (Institute for Continuous Improvement in Public Services) award for its Collaboration work to increase recycling in Warwickshire.

The fun waste reduction campaign engages members, known as bin ‘dieters’, in a range of bin slimming activities to earn points. Bin dieters compete as individuals and as part of their borough or district to earn the most points and win prizes. Each month, the three bin dieters who have earned the most points win a £20 voucher to spend on a choice of eco-friendly products or at popular high street retailers. At the end of each year the community out of the five districts and boroughs with the most points receives £650 to donate to their favourite local charity from a shortlist.

Slim Your Bin is run in partnership with behaviour change experts, Local Green Points, who provide an interactive web platform, app and digital communications campaign as well as the incentives for residents to recycle. This use of gamification and rewards has proved extremely popular and led to some outstanding results in diverting waste from residual waste streams.

In just 12 months, the campaign resulted in an estimated 5,000kg of food waste diverted from rubbish to recycling and 24,000 pieces of junk mail avoided. Residents also entered over 1,500 reports of the sustainable steps they’ve taken to prevent food waste, reduce their junk mail, recycle at their Local Recycling Centre and minimise packaging and waste.

Bolt on contest, Warwickshire Recycling Champion of the Year, was launched by Local Green Points in October 2017 and culminated in an exciting live final at Warwick Market Hall Museum in March 2018. Five local recycling champions from each of Warwickshire’s five districts and boroughs received prizes for their efforts, including a two-night staycation at Coombe Abbey Hotel for the Recycling Champion of the Year 2018. Local tourism prizes were kindly donated by members at Shakespeare’s England, marking the start of partnership working between the Local Tourism Provider, Warwickshire County Council and Local Green Points.

Councillor David Reilly, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Heritage and Culture Warwickshire County Council, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Local Green Points to provide the Slim Your Bin campaign for Warwickshire residents for another year. Slim Your Bin is a fun and exciting and way to engage residents in recycling and reward them for all their hard work. It’s fantastic to see so many local residents getting involved and I was delighted to present our local recycling champions with their prizes at the Warwickshire Recycling Champion of the Year contest earlier this year.”

Graham Simmonds, Managing Director at Local Green Points, said: “We’re looking forward to another year of working closely with Warwickshire County Council to deliver the Slim Your Bin campaign to help work towards their waste and recycling targets. We’ve found that our approach to motivating residents to recycle more is highly engaging. Across all our client schemes to date we’ve recorded over 1 million positive actions taken by members.”

Anyone in Warwickshire can sign up to Slim Your Bin by visiting www.warwickshire.slim-your-bin.com.