Slim Your Bin

Warwickshire County Council will soon be re-launching the Slim Your Bin campaign.

Slim Your Bin will encourage and teach you to recycle more and waste less in order to shed pounds from your rubbish bin by providing practical advice and information.

Once you have signed up to the scheme you will receive weekly emails on bin slimming themes.  Examples of those themes are:

  • shifting everything recyclable from your rubbish bin to recycling bin;
  • getting the right thing in the right bin;
  • cutting down on food waste and minimising waste in general.

Each suggested activity is worth points and over the month you will accumulate points based on the activities you have taken part in. At the end of the month, the three individual dieters who earn the most points will be given a £20 voucher.

Once a year, a donation is given to a charity or community project chosen by residents, and they can vote for the one they would like to win.  The scheme has been running since 2017, two charities, Myton Hospice and Parkinson’s UK, have received a donation of £650 each.

Further details of how to sign up will be sent out soon so watch this space…