Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service is asking people to floor their smoke alarms

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service is supporting the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) Home Safety Week by urging people to install and check smoke and CO alarms on every floor.

The campaign runs from 1-7 October and aims to ensure people, especially the most vulnerable, are as safe as they can be in their homes. Fire services across the UK are asking people to make sure they install smoke, CO and heat alarms on every floor of their property.

Research shows 95% of homes have at least one smoke alarm, but as households have more gadgets and appliances, fire services are advising people to fit alarms on the ceiling of every level of homes, preferably in halls and landings. Placing smoke detectors close to sleeping areas and in rooms where there are electrical appliances is also a good idea.

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service is also reminding people to check boilers, gas fires and cookers, are in good working order and properly serviced, to avoid falling victim to carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide – dubbed the “silent killer” because it is invisible to the human senses – is caused by fuels not burning properly. The gas can build up in any fuel-burning appliances that are not properly maintained, or where chimneys or flues are blocked.

The risk of dying in a fire for those aged 65 and over is more than twice as high as the average risk for all ages.

Moreno Francioso, Fire Prevention Manager for Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service said: “Have you got smoke, CO and heat alarms in your property? When was the last time you tested them? Press that button once a week! If you are worried about your home safety or someone you know, you can get a free safe and well visit from our home safety team. We will fit free smoke alarms where required and offer advice on keeping safe.”

Councillor Andy Crump, Portfolio Holder for Fire and Community safety added: “The Fire Prevention Team in Warwickshire work hard to make our communities safer, but it’s vital we continue to reach out to people to offer our help and guidance on how best to stay safe at home. This is particularly important for the most vulnerable members of our communities.

“Our free home fire safety visits are a key part of our preventative work and we would encourage anyone who is interested to get in touch and find out more.”

If you think someone you know might need advice on fire prevention, contact us to see if we can help.”

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service is supporting a new free education programme Stay Safe signposting older people to help and advice for themselves and their carers